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Self-Service is growing faster than any other industry. Much of the growth is due to the empowerment of individuals via mobile phones, digital IDs, and the digitizing of all aspects of consumers.  Expenses and revenue are the economic drivers. Being able to serve more customers and serve them better and in more ways is the critical baseline.

Self-Service first emerged with the ATM machine, the Kodak Photo Kiosk, and Airline Check-in.  Those industries trained consumers and encouraged adoption more than any others. The grocery check-out hubs came a bit later.  Other iterations such as Customer Service automated phone answering systems came later, although they lacked the “touch” or the physical replacement of a live customer agent.

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Self Service Definitions

  1. Unattended
  2. Attended
  3. Semi-attended
  4. Employee and Customer

Self Service Applications

  • Grocery store checkouts – hybrid POS
  • EV charging station
  • ATM
  • Restaurant self-order
  • DMV License Renewal
  • Airports and Immigration – CLEAR, DHS, etc
  • Delivery Robots
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine – least cost option for companies healthcare
  • Digital Wayfinding
  • Digital Signage
  • Smart City implementations
  • Contactless no-touch transactions

Semi-attended is found documented in Europe in their EMV guidelines. The U.S. does not have that distinction, legally. As far as PCI SSC goes there is attended and then there is unattended, and only those two.

Primary authentication and proxies are becoming automated.  The human interaction is more often the secondary validation process, than the primary.  Machines take our driver’s license, validate and then let us thru.

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The Industry Group comprises various sites and news feeds from kiosks to digital signage to POS and Smart City. Retail Automation, EV Charging are others.

Here is a list of news we cover:


Digital Signage

Cloud Computing

Automated Retail Technology

Healthcare Technology

  • i-Telehealth — remote health monitoring and treatment by consumers themselves, sometimes with assistance
  • Telemedicine News Telehealth magazine
  • PatientKiosk — patient registration kiosks in healthcare along with EHRs like Epic with Welcome Kiosk are covered
  • Patient Kiosk Check-In magazine (emphasis on EPIC)

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  1. EMV, PCI and POS
  2. Menu Boards
  3. AIO and Media Players
  4. Patient Kiosk Check-In News
  5. EV Charging News
  6. Touch Monitor Technology Solutions
  7. All Things Kiosks solution news
  8. Interested in Telehealth and Telemedicine?
  9. Thin Client solutions including Zero Clients and Cloud
  10. CraigK Reading List – could be anything
  11. Digital Signage solutions  (the best ones we think)
  12. Anything on ADA, Accessibility and Regulatory
  13. Automated retail solution news – robots, lockers and more
  14. Smart City rfps and solutions
  15. McDonalds Kiosks aka QSR Kiosks or Fast Casual Kiosks
  16. Bitcoin Kiosk and Crypto Kiosk in general
  17. Exercising – generally over 50 or 60. FitNDelicious a favorite if only for the pep talks from Jack LaLanne
  18. SEO – stuff I see and note
  19. The Industry Group


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